What to look fo when you decide to get your TV wall mounted

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Mounting a TV on the wall can improve safety in your home and adds a sleek and stylish look without spending a lot of money. Not all TV mounting, or TV mounters are created equal however so there a few important factors you should consider:1. Make sure you are dealing with a professional who is experienced at TV wall mounting. Ask to see images of work previously completed, any TV mounter who is proud of their work will definitely have images to show you on their phone. Ask to speak with a previous client and check Google reviews.2. Decide on the type of TV mounting you wish to achieve. Choices include Flush, Tilting and Tilt/Swivel (full motion). Almost any TV can be installed via this methods but there are some minor disadvantages of each method to consider. For example, A full motion TV mounting will not sit as flush against the wall as a simple fixed or flush mount bracket.3. You may not need to go HDMI-crazy! Remember smart TVs now include most of the functions you once needed external devices for. You will also now find that every DVD title you own (or ever owned) is available to stream via Netflix, Stan, Apple+, Amazon Prime and Disney. This all means you may not need 4 HDMI cables installed so perhaps you can save the money. Just ensure you use high quality, fast cables. Version 2.0, 4K 24 Gbps is probably the minimum standard now however HDMI 2.1 8K 48 Gbps are now widely available but at a premium price.Please call Rob’s on 0435 908 308 for an obligation free wall mount quote or for more information.

The problem with WiFi extenders

WiFi extenders will extend the WiFi signal only at the strength of the original WiFi network at the point at which the extender is placed. This means that if the WiFi extender is positioned at the very edge of a WiFi network, it will only extend at that available signal strength. If that is, say, one bar of WiFi coverage, it’s only extending the wireless network at those one-bar speeds. To make it more confusing, if your stand near the extender, your device will show full wifi signal strength but this is not an indication of network speed.Our advice – Go for a wireless access  point or mesh system and give range extenders a miss.