Security camera Installation Sydney

Looking to add that extra layer of security to your home? Want assurance that your loved ones are free from any risk or danger? Consider a security system installation from the team here at Rob’s Group. 

Our seasoned professionals have years of collective industry experience and a variety of qualifications, including our Security Master Licenses – rest assured: you’re in capable hands. To get in touch with your local leading CCTV Sydney security camera installers – contact Rob’s Group for foremost service, a quality range of leading brands and products and, not to mention value for money. 

Get safety and security with CCTV installation in Sydney 

Regardless of where you reside, a CCTV installation in Sydney is an excellent investment opportunity for an array of reasons: 

  • Criminal deterrence: Many experts believe that up to 67% of burglaries can be prevented by simply having a CCTV system – however, it’s imperative that it’s a good CCTV system. 
  • CCTV systems can help to cover any blind spots, making you less likely to be a target. One main aspect of burglaries is avoiding detection – with a quality CCTV setup, criminals cannot avoid being noticed.
  • Quicker response in the event of a burglary: Acquiring your new security system installation in Sydney also means that detection isn’t up to chance or passers by – your system has the capacity to alert local law enforcement and response teams immediately, meaning there’s an increased chance of stopping a burglary in progress through features like like AI motion detection.
  • Evidence for insurance and police: With a security system installation you have proof of any crimes that may have occurred, giving you evidence to assist law enforcement or insurance companies in the event that the worst happens and a burglary does occur.  

Our shop has a wide range of security camera systems for your perusal – we invite you to browse the range and contact our friendly team for any further information or guidance on the right product for you and the safety of your family.

Security system repair from Rob’s Group 

Along with installation of new security systems, Rob’s Group can carry out security system repair. We are qualified to carry out security camera repair on leading CCTV system brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, UniFi Protect and others. Contact us for a no-obligation quote for security system installation or repair and make your home safer today!

Hikvision CCTV

Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions. 6MP CCTV systems featuring Darkfighter technology and smart functions that integrate with other security systems. The full range of security cameras are available from Hikvision


Robs can create the complete home theatre experience in your home. We have extensive experience in the supply and installation of projector systems, fixed screens and surround sound systems. 

UniFi Protect

A full range of security cameras with the privacy of local storage, no ongoing fees, perfect for homes and business. CCTV that includes motion detection and other smart features.