WiFi and Networking

WiFi and Networking solutions throughout sydney

We now rely on our home network and internet connection more than ever. We can help you maximise your connection speed and WiFi coverage and it may cost less than you may think. The ideal WiFi improvement for your situation may involve NBN relocation, installing hard-wired ethernet ports, installing a wireless access point or perhaps a a few of these steps together. We work across Sydney to provide cost effective and efficient solutions.

A mesh WiFi system may also be a cost effective solution when the installation of cabling is not possible or not cost effective.

We offer no-cost consultations and quotes to find the best possible solution for your unique situation.

Data Point Installation

Let us install a new hard-wired data outlet using quality CAT6 cabling. Useful when NBN relocation is not possible and WiFi improvement is not ideal for your particular application.  Pricing starts at only $198 for an outlet in a single storey home anywhere in Sydney

NBN Relocation

Is your NBN modem installed in a poor location? We can provide a NBN relocation to enable your modem to repositioned to your ideal location to achieve WiFi improvement in your home and reduce unsightly wires. This service is available across Sydney and surrounding areas.

Wireless Access Points

A hard-wired wireless access point provides the best possible WiFi improvement from as little as $495 per access point fully installed! Good solution when NBN relocation is not possible. Available across Sydney and surrounding areas

Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi systems offer dramatic WiFi improvement in your home quickly and easily. Mesh is much more than an extender or booster and is a good choice when NBN relocation is ineffective or impractical. This service is available across Sydney and surrounding areas.

Business Networking

Small or large network cabling installations including managed or unmanaged switches an routers to ensure your business operates smoothly

Free in-home consultation

Don’t pay $$$ for a wifi consultation. Rob’s Group will come to your home and complete an obligation free evaluation of your current system and provide commonsense advice and a quotation on the spot.

We know better than anyone that a reliable, high-speed internet connection is essential. If your WiFi experience is subpar, the team at Rob’s Group can provide the assistance and solutions you require. 

With years of industry experience and extensive qualifications, we are able to offer some of the most affordable and effective WiFI installation and WiFi repair services in Sydney, ensuring that you can enjoy stable WiFi connections  of the highest quality, all year round.

Where WiFi repair and installation are concerned, there is no single right solution. For that reason, we offer a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to your environment, needs and situations. 

These include:

  • NBN relocations 
  • Ethernet port installations 
  • Wireless access point installations 
  • Mesh WiFi systems 

In order to provide the best service possible, our experts will consider both your current and future WiFi needs to design the perfect solution. All of our team members have significant experience with WiFi repair and installation and are trained to complete home WiFi installation both quickly and effectively, limiting any major inconvenience or disruption on your end.

Professional WiFi installation and repair services you can rely on

Looking for the best WiFi installation and repair team in Sydney? Whether you need quick and reliable WiFi repair or professional assistance with WiFi setup at home, get in touch with the friendly professionals at Rob’s Group. Our 5 star review record speaks for itself! 

We strive to offer affordable, efficient WiFi installation and repair services to clients throughout Sydney. We promise to help you maximise your uptime and coverage by taking the time to properly understand your requirements and install/repair your system correctly, making sure you can enjoy reliable online access.

You can learn more about our products and pricing by visiting our shop or reaching out to our expert team today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Rob provided a great solution for the wifi issues in our home. The signal has been perfect throughout the house ever since. We also had an antenna installed. Professional service and highly recommended.

Fiona Hall